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Irving Symphony performs Art Osborne


Banquet at Caligulas Palace


Movie Trailer

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Pilate Procession with Galigula

Worship Stabbing Barrabas Flees

Caiaphas Audience with Pilate

Claudia’s Theme

Caiaphas Jews Sit Down Protest

Pilate Sentences Barabbas

JESUS Antonious at Capernam

Horse Race with Caligula

Feast Music

JESUS Overlooking Jerusalem

Street Dancing then Money Changer Music

Garden of Gethsemane Pg 36

Trial of JESUS

Crucifixion of YESHUA

After Crucifixtion

Garden Tomb

Samaritan Massacre at Mount Gerizim & Village

Banquet at Caligulas Palace

Fight Pg 110 Quiet End Pg 114

Dramatic Slow

Dramatic Fast